The Phelan Building
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  About Thor Equities, LLC

Mission Statement

“Thor Equities is invigorated by the pulse and vibrancy of major urban environments. We match this tenacity by pairing the right properties and the right investors to maximize results with solid planning and execution.” – Joseph J. Sitt, Chairman and CEO

Vision for Urban Development

Thor Equities is a leader in urban real estate development, leasing and management, pursuing premier retail and mixed-use assets in high-density areas. Thor Equities provides the best possible “High Street” retail and mixed-use building environments within urban centers across the United States – all while delivering attractive, risk-adjusted returns to investors.

The Thor Equities team delivers optimum results – assessing the most efficient way to operate a property to generate returns for investors by recognizing potential, reducing operating expenses, increasing tenant satisfaction, and leveraging market trends to maintain a property’s long-term competitive edge. The goal is to provide an unmatched "lifestyle" experience for the end user, whether it be living, working or shopping. Simply put: Thor Equities matches the people, the capital and the expertise to achieve unparalleled results.

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